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The benefits of QSwitch laser tattoo removal:

  • Suitable for all skin types only on BLACK INKS.
  • The Revlite laser is less powerful than Pico technology which could limit the risk of hyperpigmentation with shaded ink.
  • An average of 12 – 14 treatments to fully remove a tattoo.
  • An average of 2 treatments for shaded black inks.
  • Lower cost than Pico Technology.
  • The Revlite machine is manufactured by Cynosure.

The benefits of PicoSure & PicoWay laser tattoo removal:

  • Less painful treatments
  • Less downtime, ( swelling, blistering and scabbing)
  • Faster recovery time after treatment
  • Less damage to the skin
  • Effective on all colours of the tattoo, even greens, and blues
  • Fewer treatments required; the whole tattoo can be removed in as little as 4 treatments.

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